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08-11-2016, 12:00

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Dec 2015
What a busy period we have just had so much so that I hadn't realised we hadn't put any updates on here for so long.
2015 has had its ups and downs though. In spite of hard work by the team the re-designation of the site areas has been denied which is a real disappointment to the team. However that aside the rest of the year has been great. The Musket stock and butt were recovered successfully and are currently at York Laboratories undergoing conservation treatment. A further Marine figure was found and recovered along with the most beautiful pewter dish. These have both been conserved and are back from York. MAST funded the conservation work and the finders Paul Aldersley and Bex & Charlie Sandercock are to be credited for their vigilance and skill in locating the items. We suffered this year in that we didn't have a dedicated project boat so those opportunistic dives weren't able to be conducted. In spite of good support from the local charter boats on many occasions we were prevented from diving by poor weather or simply the lack of divers to make the use of a commercial operator viable. We now have another project boat owned and being refurbished by Mark as we speak; hopefully this will permit much more access to the site even at short notice. Again the site has been visited by many new divers in 2015 and by the numerous returning divers who continue to give good feedback on what they have seen. This year we have seen a large increase in marine species across all the site and this has been a pleasure to witness.

We hope that 2016 will be a very successful year and look forward to welcoming both new and old divers a like to visit one of your protected maritime heritage sites. Please contact us if you would like one of the team to visit your dive club or organisation to give you a presentation on the history of the Coronation and the more recent project activity.

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