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Mar 2014
10 Mar 14 out on the site the viz was less than half a metre but the difference in the area is amazing the seabed area has totally been re-sculptured by the winter storms. The day of the sinking must have been terrible, having witnessed the seas over the last couple of months its amazing anyone escaped with their lives in 1691.
It is hoped this year that a greater number of our visitors will take the five minutes post dive to complete the visitor reports and submit them to the project. They offer a real value to the team and form an important part of the sites on going history. The plan in the next week or so is to check the station markers to ensure they have weathered the storms and replace them if necessary. Come and visit us this year after such a prolonged period of bad high seas this could be the year that key artefacts are discovered that may give the real evidence as to what caused her sinking and a greater appreciation of life aboard a 17 century ship of the line.

Jul 2013
The site is looking great at the moment and with more sand movements the site is revealing more artefacts. The new Diver Trail marker floats are bright and clear and have been really successful with 95% of all divers navigating the site successfully. We continue to work the site and are amazed at how much work we still have to do. The planned display at Mount Edgecumbe house has been delayed due to the usual financial hurdles that seem to plague everything you do these days. But we are ever hopeful and still aim to provide access to the artefacts already raised. Any help would be most gratefully received. Please remember if you visit the site that all donations go to enhancing the experience on the site and the ongoing research. Please also take just a few minutes post dive to complete the recording form so that the historical archive can be maintained. Many thanks and safe diving for 2013.

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