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Oct 2012
Another good season for visitors in-spite of the appalling summer we have had. Thank you to all of you that returned the visitors dive report as requested. For those that didn't please do so. If your visit was a long time ago then please complete a form next time you visit. They are important to us as they go to the main project archive and what you may see as insignificant can be important to the research for the team. Some new and very interesting artefact's have been found and recorded this year so the information from visiting divers can lead to some great investigations into the site.

English Heritage commissioned some geophysical and magnetometer research on the site and we await the results, hopefully before Christmas.

The project team will continue to work through the winter and in spring we will be replacing the current station marker floats with new bright and shiny ones. This will be done on an annual basis so we can clean off the marine growth that has accumulated over the summer. Divers can assist when on site by giving the floats a quick rub with a gloved hand to remove the growth as we will not use anti-foul paint on the site.

The site is still open all year round so please brave the cold and come and visit. The inshore site is especially interesting through winter as the dense Kelp forests will have cleared.

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