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08-11-2016, 11:57

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Jun 12
The weather has been great for diving the site and we have had fantastic viz. We have had a couple of plankton blooms that have lowered the viz but in general it has been in excess of 5m and up to 12m at times. The marine growth is begining to grow back and there are lots of young fish all over the site. The lobster relaese was cancelled due to a restriction on moving the young lobster but this will be taking place soon. Details will be published when confirmed.

The site continues to expose new information and the diving community from the past continue to feed us information on past work and finds made. Again we appeal to all divers who may have or know of the whereabouts of any articles that may be related to the site to get in touch so that they may be recorded.

2013 will hopefully see the Coronation artefacts on display at Mount Edgecumbe House, so any assistance in reuniting all the artefacts from the site to one collection would be fantastic. Safe diving and do come and visit the site.

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