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Jan 2012
Apologies for the lack of updates, we have been really busy this year as some of you already know. Now that winter is here we have the time to reflect and start the planning for the next chapter.

At the moment the Diver Trail site is weathering well and no Station Markers have been lost so far in-spite of some tough weather. Last year was a great year for the Project Team. The site opened as planned in April and received great public interest and media support. In November Ginge was asked to give a presentation about the site and the project to the NAS conference in Portsmouth, which we believe was well received. The site had 973 registered divers licenced to visit the site up to 31 Oct 11. Others have been licenced to visit but the poor weather in November and December has meant many have had to abort their trip to Plymouth.

The Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors for their time in accuratley completing the recording forms for the site which have all been added to the historical archive.

Please visit us next year and spread the word about the site. If you have any photos of the site that you haven't forwarded to us yet please do so so we can maintain a photgraphical archive as well.

Happy New Year and safe diving to all in 2012.

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