Information for Divers

If you or your club want to dive the Coronation Wreck Site here is the information you need

The site is fully protected and we operate a strict divers 'no taking' policy. Divers must not remove any items or marine life from the site at any time.

Diving the site without a licence is against the law

Please contact us if you would like to dive the site, and we will try to accommodate your visit. we need an absolute minimum 14 days notice for you to dive the site,
and ideally a months notice.
Please wait for confirmation of approval before making your dive. if you can give us more notice, this is appreciated

There are several ways you can dive the wreck site. You can use your own boat, book a visit with the licensees or you can use a local charter boat. If you are not part of any organised club or group, you can still apply to dive the wreck, just email us the same, indicating that you would like a space on a boat, and we will send you details of the local charter boats schedules, so you can hop on with them when they are going out. If we get enough individual divers, we are more than happy to organise a boat to visit the site. During the summer months, we organise some 'Coronation Evenings' where we will take groups out for a more detailed tour.

Boat Instructions:

Please note:
Strictly no anchoring on either site, shot lines to specific co-ordinates only.
(Details will be included with a successful application)

Please do not try to dive the site without permission!

Please use the email contact link in the page footer below for further information, or to arrange bookings.

Check the Calendar below for space to dive,

If a group is already booked on a day you would like to visit, we will try to stagger the visits during the day.
For unhurried visits we would normally not permit more than two groups per day, giving each group an ample time to visit the site.

Please indicate if you require more time than this.

Divers Report Form:

After your visit to the site, you are required to print and complete the divers report form above. Please click the image link, fill out and return to the project within seven days of your dive

Download dive report

Dive Report download

The currents at the Offshore site can be quite strong for divers. You can use this chart to plan your dive. In the table shown below, the direction and strength of the current is shown for each hour before and after the of High Water time at Devonport.

Time Ref to HW Plymouth Direction (Set) Drift Springs (Knts) Drift Neaps (Knts)
- 6 236° 0.7 0.4
- 5 264° 0.6 0.3
- 4 316° 0.6 0.3
- 3 031° 0.5 0.2
- 2 047° 0.7 0.4
-1 053° 1.0 0.5
HW 081° 1.0 0.5
+1 111° 0.8 0.4
+2 129° 0.3 0.1
+3 235° 0.3 0.1
+4 242° 0.8 0.4
+5 236° 0.8 0.4
+6 232° 0.9 0.5

Cost of Diving:

Although there is no charge to dive the site, we ask a contribution of £1.50 per diver, per dive at the site to help to cover the costs of maintaining the trail, and ongoing research. Please submit your donation with your application to dive form, or if you are on an organised local charter, we will collect it on the Morning Briefing on your first day of diving.

It is not mandatory, but we do appreciate all donations that are made. You can send us a cheque, or click the link below to send your donation electronically, thank you.

Please click on the link to donate

Thank you for your support

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Have you dived the Coronation in times past? ...... Then you can still Help!

If you dived the wreck, perhaps even before she was protected, then please tell us about anything interesting that you saw at the time.
Photographs are always welcome.

It would also help us to know if you had found an artefact at the site, before it was protected, and could supply any details and photographs so we can record the find in context. Even minor details can help us to understand more about her.